Thursday, August 20, 2015

Growing Up With Grace

My family frequently reminds me that I am a slackers at my blog. I learned how to do it on my phone so maybe I will repent and do better. Here is some of Grace growing up. She is a cheese ball, loves attention, and is very dramatic.... She is my kid, scary. She loves to help do laundry and the dishes (by pulling everything out and eating it). She has a big grin and loves to laugh. But if she is mad or hungry watch out.

 She was really thirsty and was so motivated to get that drink.

 If you can't tell by her size, she really likes to eat.

 She is so helpful.

 At Pickles Place in Arco with Mom and Grandma and Grandpa Peterson.

 Sharing bottles with Syanna. What nice cousins.
 Grace was very helpful when we were doing applesauce. She would pull out apples and take bites of several of them.

Grace's Dresser

Dresser finally complete! I love it. Grace is almost a year old and her room is finally getting finished.

Summer Fun

We went to temple square and the mall. We have small town kids because their favorite thing was the escalator. Josh was baptized. Michael broke his arm and had stitches. We went to scout camp for two weeks. Heather got married. It was fast and wild. School starts next week and we are not ready.

We had a great tour with a nice, elderly missionary at the Conference Center.

Another favorite event in Salt Lake was the food court at City Creek Mall. The kids had a blast and wanted pictures on every dinosaur in every imaginable pose.

The Johnson's were in town form New York, they knew me when I was a baby.